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Heart Based Health is the integration

of mind, body and spirit


Where the art of healing the body and 

consciousness meets the science of natural medicine

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I have founded Heart Based Health on the principle of giving to others so they may receive and give to others.  To inspire a sense

of peace and wellbeing is at the center of my mission.  I believe that healing is available to all who seek as it is found within. "  

-Jenna Vitale MATCM, L.Ac.


Acupuncturist & Founder

of Heart Based Health 

Holly K.

Jenna is my acupuncturist who specializes in women's health, especially menopause symptoms. In addition, she helps me with my neck injury, sinus headaches and digestion issues. She also does facial acupuncture as well. Her  approach is holistic which I really like. I've been seeing her the last 3 1/2 months. I now sleep better, have no digestion issue and my neck is feeling better.
From my experience over the last few months of treatment, I encourage anyone to consult with her.    She's very knowledgeable and considerate of her clients' health needs and works very hard to tailor treatment accordingly. The Most important thing is your health, and having someone who can advise you with compassion and insight. Jenna, is without a doubt, someone who embodies that, and I'm so grateful to have found her! I sincerely believe you will too.

Richard S.

Jenna ranks among the best acupuncturists I have

encountered. She is very thorough in her procedure

and well attended to details. She is very 

friendly, compassionate and smart. Expect the

best from Jenna and you will get it.

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