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  We are happy you are here. 


In order to better understand the process of healing, it is important

to know that great strides can be made when one

makes a commitment to their wellbeing.



Our bodies have the innate capability to heal and regenerate naturally with the proper care, attitude, nutrition, exercise and herbal supplementation.  



At Heart Based Health , we believe in the redirection and unity of every cell of your being to create better health each day.  



Our goal is to educate and assist you in cultivating self care  habits that you can easily and effectively integrate into your everyday life. 



Natural Medicine has been used for centuries to improve the outlook of health conditions and ignite the body's healing blueprint. It is often the last resort, yet the most productive when used as a first defense. We are proud to provide you with a proactive, preventative approach to health care. 



Our treatment focuses on creating lasting transformation for a pain free, joyful, liberated existence. 

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What you can expect:


During your initial consultation, we will discuss the nature of your condition. You will be given education and insight into your particular concern and we will establish a treatment timeline.



For Acute Conditions ( Concerns that have been going on for less than 3 months) the usual treatment time frame is 6-10 visits.   


For Chronic Conditions (Concerns that have persisted for 3 months or more) the usual treatment time frame is 8-12+ visits.  


For acute conditions, progress will be assessed after 6 core treatments.  For chronic conditions, progress will be assessed after 8 core treatments. As your symptoms improve it is then common to reduce session to every other week.  When symptoms have resolved completely, it is recommended that you continue maintenance visits every 3-4 weeks to experience the benefits of acupuncture for immune support and emotional wellbeing.  



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 PPO Insurance Plans.





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"A journey of a thousand miles

begins with a single step"

 - Lao Tzu