Breath Deep & Move to Live Long

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

A Reflection on The Life Giving Importance of Mind Body Exercise

I am here to discuss Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation and other forms of what we refer to as mind/body exercise. If you are familiar with these practices, and have done them yourself, you understand the profound impact it can have on your life and how it directly benefits your being.

"Engaging in mind/body exercise is as much of an art form as it is a medicine"

Here are the benefits of Mindful Movement on the physical level:

  • Trains the mind and body to become more relaxed and the interaction and transmission of the central nervous system to be more accurate and smooth , improving conditions of anxiety, depression and nervousness

  • Our respiratory system is greatly benefited by the intitiation of deep, rhythmic breathing and more oxygen is readily available in our blood stream. A major antioxidant.

  • Vital energy from the lower part of the body can easily flow to the brain to nourish and preserve our brain cells, enhancing our cognitive function, improving our memory and calming our reactivity

  • The expansion and contraction of movements of tai chi and breathing exercises in other forms of mind/body exercise tone the abdominal muscles, enhance peristalsis and work to improve the digestive function

  • Breathing rhythmically and deeply causes the diaphragm to gently move and massage the internal organs, creating greater blood circulation and nourishing our viscera for overall enhanced longevity

On a psychospiritual level:

  • In meditative states, we connect to the inner space within us and create a deeper relationship with who we are

  • Mind body exercise helps to release attachment and reaction to the external world, material world, and the need to control outside situations

  • Creates a lasting sense of peace and wellbeing that carries over into our everyday existence

“Reminding our self how to breath, how to be still, how to know is the foundation of peace and fabric of all creation. The deeper we breath, the longer we live”

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